Kelly Sports offers a wide range of programmes both within the curriculum and outside the curriculum.

Our most popular programmes are:

  • Fundamental Skills Programme
  • Athletics Programmes
  • Super Sports Days, e.g. Olympic Days, Tabloid Sports Days, Sport themed World Cup Days
  • Keep Fit Programme
  • End of Year Sports Activities
  • Sports Academies and Mentoring

Kelly Sports can integrate a PE or sports programme for your school that is structured to suit your existing curriculum.

Keep Fit Programme

The Kelly Sports Keep Fit Programme is a fantastic way to inspire your students to improve their fitness. Kelly Sports comes to your school, sets up fun fitness activities and runs testing days so children and teachers can measure how much they improve over a term.

Fundamental Skills Programme

Kelly Sports runs programmes to teach children the fundamentals of sport. The programme is all inclusive with high participation. Our key aims are to develop and enhance the following skills – running, jumping, catching, throwing, passing, kicking and striking. This programme also includes an assessment module including teacher assessment sheets and student self-assessment sheets that can be included in students' folders.

Super Sports Days

Kelly Sports has run numerous sports days at schools around the country. Our experienced Kelly Sports managers and coaches take care of the planning, organisation and execution of whole school, syndicate or class sports days. Our Olympic Sports Days are fantastic for all children of all abilities. We can also run tabloid sports days and mini tournaments. We can do anything your school needs to help make these sports days hassle free for teachers and fun for all.

Sports Academies and Mentoring

Kelly Sports runs sports academies at schools for their students who show strong sporting potential. This quality programme offers sports extension to children who would like to develop their skills further in a fun but challenging environment. It looks at the following aspects of sport development:

  • Goal setting and assessment.
  • Fitness testing.
  • Skill development in a chosen sport.
  • Food and nutrition.
  • Team work and team building.
  • Coping with success and failure.
  • Organising sports training programmes.

The course can be run before school, after school or in school time. Kelly Sports' philosophy is to encourage children's enthusiasm for sport and the life skills it teaches.

Support to Primary and Intermediate Sports' Cluster Groups

Kelly Sports can provide support to primary and intermediate school sports' cluster groups including event management, assistance with sports days, inter school competitions.

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